Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tagged - True lies

I’m not someone that takes up all tags. Honestly, if I dislike the purpose of the tag or the way a tag is presented itself, I simply prefer not to take it up. When Dharma tagged me however, with this meme, I instantly decided to take it up. But when I sat down to actually put pen to paper, I realized that all I have to do is list out things ABOUT me; which is what I’ve been doing for exactly a year now starting from this post. Over a 100 posts elucidating what I like, what I don’t, what I do, what I pretend to do; everything! My readers can see through me now, nay? Then what the hell’s the point of this meme anyway? Before you get frustrated with all this self-brooding, I’ll let you in on what finally made me take it up!

A meme is only as good as it is written by the blogger that tags you. In this case, Dharma wrote this meme so well, that I couldn’t possibly refuse. That’s the simplest explanation! :)


1. There are three things I can’t help but do every single day; whether it’s a day at work, or a day at home!

• I have to visit Crickler in order to constantly feed my need for both a new challenge each day, as well as my need to improve the English vocabulary. I simply love how it works, and it’s a lot of fun too. The thing about Crickler is that, some of the crossword puzzles are either way too easy or too difficult. Therefore, if my grey cells are highly active, I can prefer to take up the tough ones and if my brains are cooked too much a particular day, I simply prefer to take up the simpler ones. I still take one (or two) everyday nonetheless!

• My landing page on both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, is yet another site that I can’t seem to live without! There are times, when someone talks about an upcoming music band, a fallen hero, a forgotten freedom fighter, a new heart surgery break-through, the fantasy of Rome, a dying river, a mammal soon to be extinct, a nebula! Everything from A – Z, I simply find ‘em here. I love Wikipedia for just the way it functions, its wiki! The idea of having people (anyone) enter about practically any subject/person/place/event under the sun (or over it) and then allowing for it to be validated and published! Isn’t it a wonderful concept? I honestly think that the concept of Wiki should certainly be used more widely to share and encourage people to offer their opinions.

Blogger! I’m not gonna justify that. :)

2. Even whist running this blog, there were times when I haven’t been able to bring myself to write everything I feel like right here. This tag for example, made me think quite a lot before I could come up with one in the list. Leave alone nine big ones! Precisely the reason why I run an anonymous blog! It’s a no-nonsense blog where I write only what I want to, and only as often as I feel like it! I give a damn to its readers and answer comments only when absolutely necessary. Basically, when I want to get silly, it’s right here! And when I want unbiased opinions on serious (mostly personal) issues from absolute strangers, it’s over there! It is pretty obvious then that I don’t give my name in there, don’t post pictures, and don’t write about my dad, mum, sis, BIL, cousins, friends, et al. And even if there’s someone that needs a mention, the name doesn’t find a place there. Spooky you think? I did so too when the thought crossed my mind in the beginning, but now I know that it has by far been the best outlet for me! :)

3. How do stars get their sparkle? How is it that men cheat so easily? What is that first thing, that started what we now call Evolution? Why should quantum physics be so confusing? How can shopping actually treat everything from a broken knee to a puffy cheek? Why does the FBI conduct a research on “Top 10 creative ways to murder” and post them online? What is Google doing right this minute? Or even why men think that crying would make them appear weak?

I’m inquisitive! And my thirst for knowledge will only keep increasing as long as I have questions in store (and someone to give me the answers)!

4. How often have you wondered why relationships get so confusing just when you thought that things were going precisely the way you wanted it? Don’t bother answering that question, ‘cos believe it or not, I have never tried to “work things out” or whatever you want to call it. It’s easy for me to break away and easier still to get back into the same relationship. Good or bad? I don’t know and I can’t care less.

5. I can’t remember the name of the place I visited on our hill station visit a year ago. I can’t remember if I submitted my IT Returns last year and I can’t remember what I did last Deepavali. I can however, remember the first time I sat on a swing, the sliver moon sparkling night when I tried to raise up my finger and draw patterns in the air on a starry sky, and the first time I fell off my bicycle and bruised my knee. I remember some of the most cherished moments of my life and can recall every enchanting minute without a moment’s pause. Equally so, I can also conveniently forget what I don’t want to recall. There are times, when I’m grateful for this trait of mine. A painless way to avoid those guilt trips. Selfish me huh?

6. Given a chance to re-live any part of my life, I’d never want to re-live my college life ever again! I know what you’re thinking; that I’m kidding. Actually not. That’s three years of my life I wish I never lived to begin with and would never want to re-live.

7. I have had the most bizarre dreams; I continue to have them and I’m happy for it. The way I see it, these are things that you wouldn’t see happen in everyday life; so what’s the harm in seeing them in your dreams? You’ll be surprised at how imaginative you can get when you wake up from one of your strangest dreams; trust me. :)

8. I’m afraid of dark alleys, walking or driving on a road that isn’t well lit, … actually I’m just shit scared of darkness! I remember when I used to live alone in a city away from home; I’d always let one of the lights on during the day, just in case I return home after hours and suspect a ghost in one of the corners. Eventually, I walk into every room including the kitchen and turn on all the lights, save for the restroom’s. Chicken you think? Well, that’s moi.

9. What goes around comes around, doesn’t it?! I strongly believe in the higher law of Karma, that you are responsible for your actions, and that if you do good, the good will be returned three-fold.


Phew! That was one long meme. I can go ahead and tag a few from my frequent haunt’s list, but it appears my readership has significantly dropped and I don’t want to end up tagging someone that wouldn’t know s/he has been tagged simply because s/he hasn’t visited my page in the first place. Soo, I’m gonna make this an open meme; if you are here and if want to give it a shot, go ahead. I enjoyed writing this out and I hope you will too.

Here are the rules of the meme. “The tag is to say nine things about myself one of which is a lie. Can you spot the one which is not true? (Adding one more rule here, tell us what the lie was, when you next post)”

Enjoy writing and Happy Pooja holidays everyone! :)


phish said...

i would peg it on number 4. but am waiting for your next post to check on that.

been tagged myself. tho' of a completely different kind. blogrolling you, however.

dharmabum said...

that was interesting, iyer. and cleverly written too - for though i have been here for a while now, i'm in a spot when it comes to finding the lie.

mmmm...the dream thingie?

backpakker said...

the dream or the bit sbout the college ?

Miss Iyer said...


I feel honored! Have blogrolled you too :)


I've written about dreams soo many time in the past. :) And oh, I will write about the truth shortly. Patience!


Well, both are true! :) Welcome aboard BackPakker. Drop in another time to find out the lie ;)