Saturday, April 05, 2008

A place to remember

Bright sunshine, green wet lawns, great weather, and vintage castles! Jane Austen almost always transports me to such places with her books! I always wanted to go visit a place like that someday. I think I even wrote about a dream that talks about a castle sometime back.

Anyway, I’m finally here! In Ireland!!! A beautiful place with lovely warm people. A lot more culture than the States! Very pedestrian friendly. Too windy and cold, but obviously the Irish don’t think so! After-all, it’s what they call summer!

I got here on Monday and have been outside only week nights. With a quarter of the population of Ireland living in Dublin, this city has more people and cars than it can handle. Starting Thursday evening all shops and pubs are open until very late in the night. Picture a quarter of Ireland in pubs in Dublin and the remaining three-quarters scattered in the rest of the country. That’s how crowded and noisy the city gets on Thursday nights. Their weekends start Thursday evenings, and not surprising the Irish are big on shopping as well!

Anyway, I’m yet to explore the more green part of the country. Meanwhile, I did get to catch a glimpse of the bustling city, because I got to live right in the middle of the city center near Trinity College.

See anything unusual in this picture? Notice that the windows are taller in the lower floors than the upper floors? That’s not the only building that looks like it! Almost all buildings in Dublin have windows in a similar fashion.

It is said that in the earlier Victorian days, the taller your windows, the more you were taxed. Obviously, people that can’t afford to pay heavy taxes chose to stay in the upper floors with shorter windows and lower ceilings. The more the day light into your house, the more you’re taxed. Strange, is it not? Now that’s what I would call day-light robbery!!! Thank God the government doesn’t do that anymore.

Like they say, in Ireland, always look UP to appreciate the architecture of the buildings! Look at the architecture in that! This one’s called the Spire of Dublin. Springs up right into the sky.

Almost all of Dublin’s government building remains in the old Victorian style (the windows in this one appears to have been sealed shut. probably for the same reason) with the ground floors commercialized with shops, restaurants, and pubs! Pubs! Lots of 'em!!!

I’ve been here only four days and a few hours, so that’s all I have for you folks. During the weeknights, I did visit the Dun Laoghaire harbour; an astonishing place to be. After the sun sets, around 8-ish, it’s a sight to watch the lights lit-up across the bay with its reflection falling over the sea. Sadly, no picture of that yet.

I’ll be back with more after the weekend.


Ramya said...

Thats nice to notice that you found time to go around and share with us about your travel.

and hey, good RnD on the tax concept with sunlight

Looks like ppl there share info when asked..

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

You are JUST across the waters from me G3 !!! argh, take the train and come on over, u will love the rest of 'Europe' too! This is the first entry i see you write so enthuasiasticly about a town u r assigned to - enjoy the rest of your stay there ; ) Big hugs for a great weekend. Looking forward to more travel stories.

Mridhool said...

Feels really good to know that you are enjoying out there G3! Guess it is loonnnnnng that i commented you ;-P.. After all u are ma blog guru ;-P.. Kepe rocking and take care!!!

Devil Mood said...

I'm sorry...but how come you went to Ireland and I had no idea about it? Did I miss a pivotal post? Shouldn't this be something to blog about? I feel betrayed ;)

I love the window story!

dharmabum said...

just who is it that you work for that keeps sending you off to all these exotic locales! *grrrr*

i've never been to the USA. or anywhere beyond india. yet, i somehow find it strange and unacceptable that a place is branded as one 'without culture'. to me, what is, is culture. i wish i cud go and see for myself.

lol @ daylight robbery - super pun, iyer!

dharmabum said...

oh, and i read devil's comment just now, and i second it. cheating maami ;)

Lars & Idah said...

You are in Ireland!??

Wow.. i've always wanted to be there.. and i hope i will be there one day... its beautiful over there... and the beer.. ale!
woo hoo!!!

enjoy yourself and tell us more with pics overlooking the ocean... :D

Miss Iyer said...


I miss u guys tonnes tho :-/


Absolutely! Just across the waters :) I'm sure I'll love the rest of Europe Mush. And I'm hoping I'll have a chance to visit Belgium too soon. This place is really nice :) I will. You too take care and have fun.


Thanks :) U too.


I'm soo sorry you guys. I hadn't written in a long time. Was held up with a lot of work before my travel. Naah.. you didn't miss anything, I just didn't write about it. Cos as usual, they told me on Friday that I was flying on Sunday!!! Urgh! I hate it when they do that! I don't get enough time to say my bye byes to my friends :-/

Miss Iyer said...


LOl... ehhee. You can see the world thru my eyes (read camera) Dharma! I never said that the States didn't have culture. I'm just saying that this place has better culture than the States. If you DO see these two places, or the US and any other place for that matter, U'll agree with me alrite Dharma :)

The day-light robbery story was actually told to me by a taxi driver. The expression was actually born out of that.


Oh you should come here sometime. This place is BEAUTIFUL. I did have a chance to taste the famous Guinness Beer ;) I will post more pictures soon!

supernova said...

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, Frilloooo! More pics please! :-)

Chandramohan "CM" Kannan said...

lady... you now really seem to have high flying life only to be compared to that of Branson :)...

when are you returning to India... I am currently in Chennai and thought would meet you... awww... bad luck... sigh!!!

Mansi Trivedi said...

Wow beautiful! :)

Miss Iyer said...


Added a new one for you. :)


I dont knw who Branson is ... but I think that was a compliment :P So i'll take it :D I return soon, but not soon enough to be there while you're still in Chennai I guess. Hard luck. The next time, write to me before you come down.


Thanks :)

Bobby said...

Sigh... now i miss Dublin :(

Bobby said...

Oh and did you go visit the guiness factory yet??

Miss Iyer said...


I hear 'ya! :) I dont think I've come across anyone that's been here and didnt miss Dublin after. It sure IS a lovely place, but Dublin can get really lonely you know. Its a killer being alone here during the weekends.

Yup I did. I did visit the Guinness Storehouse and liked it too. Will bring back pictures. :)