Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gadgets and all!!

I’m not really a gadgets person in the strict sense. I mean, I’ve never owned a laptop, a printer/scanner, microphone, webcam, a CD/DVD player, an iPod, a palmtop…and the list goes on!

The only electronic equipments that I own and use are, a home computer (that has been in my possession for the last 6 years now,) a Sony Ericsson K500i mobile phone (a year old) and a 1 GB USB flash drive (which was a gift from someone a few months ago). Oh and of course a walkman that I used when I was 12.

To continue the endless list of items that I don’t have ….. a playstation, a handycam, TV/video games, a camera, … oh wait! Maybe I do want a camera, oh yes I do. I’ve always wanted to own a digital camera and every time I decide on buying one, I run into a whole load of puzzling suggestions from ‘N’ different confused friends. Finally, when I do decide to pick up one, it either gets way beyond my budget or my dad candidly asks “Why in the hell do you need a camera?” As rightful as his question is, I’ve honestly never found an answer to it. I guess it is just the fact that all my friends own one and it has almost become a style statement! You own a digital camera, you’re cool. Really!!

Anyway, parents of a friend of mine, Prasita, are off to Dubai to visit their elder daughter this time of the year and I thought it was a good idea to get them to buy a digicam for me on their way back here. What with the Dubai Shopping Festival and all, I’m hoping it would cost me a little lesser!?! Don’t you think? I did my bit of research which mostly consisted of gawking at some of the high-end models (read cameras) that looked sexy. Remember, I don’t give a tinker’s damn about their specifications, features, et al. When I looked at them, sexy was the word on my mind.

With a little guidance from a friend (read a LOT of guidance from a friend,) I tried to figure out the specs required for a digital cam for someone like me who doesn’t know shit about cameras or lenses. Anyway, the most important things to look for while selecting one (verbatim from a friend): zoom range, macro range, purple hinges (purple what?), color reproduction (oookkk!?! But how?), shutter speed, aperture etc, etc,. I almost got exhausted, trying to compare all of these. Finally, I narrowed down on 3 models; all Canon Powershots and zeroed down on one of them; it’s a Canon Powershot SD700 IS. I have no clue how much it costs right now, but I know I’m not spending more than 12,000 Indian rupees on any of these babies!!!

Nevertheless, I’m still gonna have to go through the ordeal of asking my dad if it’s ok to spend so much on a digital camera.

Wish me luck and comment with any suggestions on my digital cruise!


supernova said...

Don't tell me there's another round of asking involved!!!

Miss Iyer said...

Asking daddy? Not quite. But I need to sit down and tell him everything abt the specs. Then he might have some other suggestions :|