Friday, October 20, 2006

Scary, ain't it?

Mum and Dad have been actively looking out for a groom for my elder sis. Almost every evening, the three of them position themselves in front of the computer and exploit the internet scanning through the various matrimonial sites. I usually burst out laughing at some of the wired pictures these prospective grooms post (belive me, "burst out laughing" is an understatement.) During one such incident, my sister gave me a glare and said two simple things:

Stop laughing! You are looking at your future Brother-in-laws.” My my, how many BIL’s am I actually gonna have?


Remember, the ones that get discarded, will be the ones that will be considered for you!

Now, which one is scary? The former or the latter?


supernova said...

hehe...don't worry, remember the reqmnts doc?!?

Miss Iyer said...

eheh, Yep I remember. :)

Anonymous said...

Good one ;)

U better find a good tayir sadam guy for urself .... after all u are working in an mnc ... cant u find one?!

Miss Iyer said...

Sure will try and find one for myself. Next time, when you leave a comment, could you sign it as well?


Ayush said...

I really feel for the ones getting rejected, considering ur cooking skills I have experienced.

Miss Iyer said...

:-O That is RUDE!! You were jinxed that day!