Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Thousand Splendid Suns

My first update perhaps, should have been about New Jersey, how life’s been treating me here, work, fun, or the places I’ve visited and should probably treat you guys with some amazing pictures to supplement them. No? Yeah? Alright, maybe I will. But not just yet! Two of my three weekends here have been packed, and all I did was visit the enticing city of New York. Twice!! The city has an amazing energy about itself that I haven’t seen anywhere else. And I sure am glad I had the chance to be there. More update on NY and more pictures to come.

The rest of my time have been spent shopping, mostly groceries and sometimes shopping for my folks back home. Just a teeny bit though! Anything I see, all I can think of is my sister because this is undoubtedly the right time to shop for her, what with her marriage in the offing and all that. :) She has already started her countdown. And believe me, so have I! She, for the wedding day and I, to return home and give a bear hug to mum. I went into the countdown phase a few days ago and have been missing my people terribly since!!! :| I’ve shopped for ma, pa, sis and BIL and can’t seem to find anything for moi! Bad scene huh? Not really. :)

Anyway, before I write to you again and send you some loads of pictures (this time I promise I will), I treated myself in the meantime with this!

The hardcover of Khaled Hosseini’s latest. Not something great to take with me from a visit to the United States. But it sure will keep me good company during my flight back. I hope this one’s as good as his masterpiece.

Until the next time, keep well.


supernova said...

I liked this book too... Maybe not as much as his first one, but engrossing nevertheless!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

aaah another good book to read! Thanks G3 and superN, will get my hands on that after i finish the current one - Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Good to know u r keeping busy & well, i dont know how to cure homesickness cos i hv never been sick for home except for Belgium and to cure that i just look at my return ticket and know that i'll be home soon in my own private space and preferred climate! = ) Hope to read u soon G3, hugs.

Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

finally finally :)
she did succumb to a Patel Shot :)
nevertheless this shot with the statue of liberty behind your back is awesome :)

waiting for your update...

Deepthi said...

read and re read, the kite runner,girl no one cna wrng with that one.this is in the same league,but there were a few times when i was sayin to myself"hey what are you doing here,write it this way",u knw what i mean ???????? felt like he was writing in a hurry...

Oracle said...

You know what you need to gift yourself....forgot? :)

Devil Mood said...

Hey, have fun!! Enjoy it :)

idah said...

Hey G3!!, how you been in Big Apple??? enjoy reading it, its good, Love Kite runner, and another thumbs up for this one by K.H.!

Take care and the summer is a killer there, isnt it??

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

G3 i forgot to add! i only notice now that new brilliant smile, hehehehe glad u took my advice babe! ; )dont loose it ok! = ) Cheers for now, am off to pick Nora from school and its raining! argh!

Aditi said...

hmmm sounds like fun.. do let us know how the book is

dharmabum said...

have fun ma!

Anonymous said...

its a lovely book

Mridhool said...

G3!! Welcome back dear!

Miss Iyer said...


I'm loving it as of now! :)


I dont think I'm homesick anymore :D My return is almost confirmed for the 24th of August. Looking forward to it. And thanks for the hugs. How much I needed it! :)


Dangs CM! :D


Yep, I almost always know what you mean Deepthi. :) How are you keeping now? Were'nt you sick for a while?

Miss Iyer said...




Thanks DevilM! I cant belive I hvnt stopped by and read any of ur posts :( I'm such a miserable person!


The Big Apple awesome!!!! I AM enjoying it Idah! He's the bestest! :)

Yep summer's are HOTTTTT. But not as humid as Madras (India) sooo, I'll keep. :)


lol, I will! :)

Miss Iyer said...


Yep, it is fun to an extent. But living here isnt my cup of tea. I'm practically waiting to get back home! :) I surely will let you know how interesting I found the book.


I will! I am. :)


Thanks for the kind review. :)


As always honey ;)