Thursday, June 14, 2007


A weekend of audio and video. Here are some pictures from the PodWorks unconference at Chennai.

Conference Venue: Tidel Park, Chennai

PodWorks @ TIdel Park, Chennai

A session is on.

The works!

The attendees.

Podcasting is all about money. Sunil Nair, CEO of talks about the much needed Vitamin M and how to monetize your podcasts.

A session on Adobe Premier, by far the most interesting session for me. Video editing didn't sound this simple to me earlier.

Organizers unwinding


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Is this sort of a birthday gift to yourself G3? = ) Glad you had a good time and learnt loads! (U did didnt u?? heheheh) Well hope your birthday was fun! Hugs from a very mentally exhausted Mush.

Aditi said...

sounds fun .. so are u going to podcast soon?

Devil Mood said...

Looks like a place where one can learn a lot! How fantastic that you're participating :)

Smita said...

Must be informative - though I learn more from self discovery than attending seminars and such

Miss Iyer said...


:) Almost yep, it was like a gift. My BIL and sister gifted me a cane chair that can be hung from the ceiling. The kind they put in the garden. It now hangs in our balcony :). It was a complete surprise to me! :) So basically, yes, my birthday went pretty well.

Oh why are you mentally exhausted?


Yep, it was fun. Maybe I will start with audio podcasting.


Yep, it sure was a good learning experience.

Miss Iyer said...


Good to hear that. But I assure it was nothing like a seminar. Like I said in one of my earlier posts, its an unconference where you attend, you present, you participate, you question, you organize, and you volunteer. :) Also, you get to do stuff hands-on on ur laptop while a session is on! Thats the best part of an unconference! :)

Oracle said...

The title was brilliant :)

Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

hahaha... just couldn't supress my smile when I saw the name of the organiser... ""... lol...

serious business conducted by nautanki... so much for euphemisms... :)... hehe

Miss Iyer said...

Thanks Oracle! :)


Yep, pretty serious business. :)

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