Friday, June 29, 2007

I’m a Gemini

That’s my sun sign. But why am I saying this? 'Cos that’s the prompt for this week’s scribble at Sunday Scribblings.

I remember a friend saying “If you have one Gemini friend, you have at least five of them.” But oh, exercise care, ‘cos having five of them around isn’t really a boon. Born under a high-voltage energetic sign, it usually takes me very little time to get accustomed and adapted to people, places, and culture. Although the last part is a load of crap and can’t be proved, plainly because I haven’t experienced many different cultures myself. See? That also proves another point about us fickle Gemini’s – we can lie very easily! :-/

I absolutely hate monotony! You let me travel to work by train one day, by car the next, and by bus the day after, I’d be glad to. I’d rather create a schedule today, document some facts tomorrow, and play crossword the day after. But you can’t tie me down with one thing. I want to be e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! :D That’s probably why I’m not able to last in one job for a long time. We’re great “talkers” though, love to read and love to be in the communication business. That would explain my constant need to blog perhaps.

We’re cheap people and mostly expect favors to be returned. Sometimes, I’m guilty of that myself! :-/

When I asked a friend about the negatives of the sign, he said
Unpredictable unpredictable unpredictable unpredictable unpredictable unpredictable. There's my contribution!
Marriage...?? nah.. ain’t their style. Can never ever decide, always asks others to make a big decision, takes love as a game, fascinated about the idea of having multiple partners (good or bad??).

Quite strangely, I’ve not been able to deny any of them. Of course I’m unpredictable; sometimes I wouldn’t know how I would react to a situation at any given time myself. All normal day-to-day functions would seem like a new challenge to me and I’ll end up trying to do it a different way everyday (and sometimes end up developing a headache. Can I blame the sign?). Phew! I guess that is the greatest mystery of the Twins! You never know when the other one would take over.

I could go on and on. But let’s stop it at that and find out about you. What sign are you? What are your traits? Are you big enough to spill out your negatives as well? ;-)

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Prakaz said...

Aries here...

On the negative side, they don't have enough patience to hang on to anything for long time ( like you fickle Geminis ) ;-)

These -ve traits are very true for me:
Foolishly Optimistic

goes to Google for words...
is back.

Fears rejection

Umm... what else? you tell me...? You should know better :-)

Devil Mood said...

I love my Gemini friends - fun people! My parents are both Gemini too, so I'm very used to this energy. What really annoys me about gemini is that they can NEVER end something that they began, they're always moving on to different things. And I hate it when people lie to me.

I'm a Sag. Sags don't have flaws lol No, okay. You've said one yourself, lazy! Too blunt sometimes, not willing to be tied down by any sort of relationship, constantly seeking new things to learn and explore, naiviety, too soft and too generous for my own good ;)

Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

chummava padinaanga...
gemini gemini gemini gemini...
gavani gavani gavani gavani...

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

hahaha that article made me smile G3, after a long evening in school, its a good read! Thanks for the giggles = ) NEGATIVE ME - am a foolish romantic,
sometimes UNdecisive,
too pragmatic,
too vain
greatest ordeal is i am a perfectionist and sometimes i expect the same of my love ones =(

BUT despite all that, i am proud to be a L I B R A (the only non living zodiac sign!)

Aditi said...

virgo.. but i am born close enough to acquire some libra qualities as well...
since the only hallmark iknow of virgos are clean freaks and perfectionists... i can admit...that i clean .. ilove cleaning like monica from friends but somehow the tidy streakk escaped me.. my stuff will be lying in an untidy heap and that is ok because its not unclean its just untidy..ok i am weird like that

supernova said...

Now, I don't need to tell you how many Geminis I have in my life, do I!?! :-) I seem to get along well with all Gs, although Taureans are thought to be at loggerheads with Gs all the time!

Yup, I'm as stubborn as a Taurean can be, so much so that it's difficult to make me change my stance once I'm set on it, and this one trait of mine seems to lead to a line of other not so pleasant ones! So, there! :-/

dharmabum said...

put all the negatives of all the sun signs, plants, animals, rock, sand and everything in the universe - voila! u got the characteristics of the bum :)

i'm the multiple partner kind too, tho i'm not a gemini myself. just dirty :D

gautami said...

geminis always keep on changing their minds!

samm said...

ah fellow gemini... you've described us perfectly. i like this sunday scribbling topic, i might just post my own version, or I might not? surely it's ok if i change my mind???

Smita said...

Moi Saggi. And learnt the hard lesson is life - Never have a Gemini boyfriend - gets u nothing but grief! Wish your post had come sooner :)

Oracle said...

Funnily I read the traits of all the sun-signs in that linda-watshername book and found a lil bit of each one true for me!

I read that book coz the cutest gal in my class was a big fan of linda-watshername sun sign book. ;)

Its Me The Monk said...

for me i often found its hard to follow them,unpredictable,unpredictable,unpredictable...) as they are using to change their minds like the clouds getting am a fixed sign (a poor scorpion :/) am not able to fetch them everytime...

but i must appreciate them for their creativity...and the humour sense which we can rarely get to see...but thats really notable...

and about having a BF or GF, am agreeing with smitha ... :) they are like glass balls, nice to look at them but not to play with... ;D

idah said...

ahem... Aries... hahahah...
okie, no patience eh.. yeah, i have to admit, i do not have patience, especially to morons.. heheh

quick-tempered,impatient, unpredictable, but heck, aren't we all?? whats the fun if we have to be predictable all the time.. GROAN! but, yeah, Aries is cool!!! i heard they're good in bed!!!! hahah, that, will be for all to wonder!!! hahahahah

boliyou said...

seems like about half my relatives are Gemini! Enjoyed your post.

megan said...

Negative traits? But I'm a Pisces! Fun post & really nice job on the graphic.

Harish said...

Bull sized as my sign
Fun surprises...creative.
Negative..whoa...too many...lazy...sometimes demotivated...adamant...hate monotony..

Nanditha Prabhu said...

a cancerian..homely but cant predict the mood swings!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

WHERE r U G3, wherever you maybe please come back, i miss your entries!! = ) Hugs, hope to read u soon heheheh

dharmabum said...

enna madam, bizzyaa?

Oracle said...

whither art thou?

Miss Iyer said...


Bang on! One positive trait that I'd add. Downright honest! :)


Oh yeah! We never can end anything we began :D My sister is a Sagggi and I love being around them. Kinda gives me a lead in pushing them around. But they're adorable all the same :)


As usual, only YOU could come up with that. Oh and Congratulations on your wedding. Although this isnt the right form to say that. I'll write to you soon. :)


I love how honest and open Libra's can be :)


unclean and untidy isnt the same and so its ok? If you could come up with something like that, then you ARE a Monica :D

Miss Iyer said...


Of course I needn't :) Stubborn crazee, presii :D


I should've guessed, nay? ;)




Do as you please Samm. Again, it shows how diff it is for us to take a decision :D


Awww, too bad you had a bad experience with a gemini. No pun intended, but I dont blame the gemini, its how they are made. Its the other signs that need to be a teeny bit careful with us around. :)

Miss Iyer said...


You did? lol a cute gal? lol. U still in touch with her? ;)


Hey monk, nice to see ur still following my blog :).


Yep, we're impatient :| They're good in bed huh? Really? That's news to me :-P


Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the post.


So since ur a Pisces, U dont got no negative traits? lol, Nice try.
The graphic was from Google Images.

Miss Iyer said...


My mum is a Taurian too, only thing, she isnt lazy :)


My dad's a Cancerian but nothing like that.


Thanks for emailing :)


Not really. Just hvnt been able to sit in front of the computer. But that's so sweet, thanks for checking in. :)


Right here! Thanks for checking in. :)

Deepti Bose said...

Hi! Came over from Dharmabum... I'm guilty of being a Gemini too.

Miss Iyer said...


Welcome aboard! :)

krisz said...

deepti, bein a gemini isnt anything to be guilty of... it ROCKS, im a gemini, born on june 21st, so I could choose gemini/cancer, it took me ages (i couldnt decide!), so my mum said I was gemini and i havnt regretted that decision, i think...

Anonymous said...

patience.. we have loads of it...probably just not virtual enough as to what we are being patient about.. fickle.. we are to the extent of a full circle.. it's like.. you see the fickle part... not the numerous worlds breathing at the same time.. .. i know.. chauvinism.. you may snap back.....
think of it this way.. ever wondered what's at the other side of the black hole!!!

Anonymous said...

first of i want to say, YAY gemini's are the best with all are ups and downs :D

i thought it was so funny when i read your quote cause thats so me hehe it made me smile xD