Thursday, November 29, 2007

Destination Herndon > Baltimore > Washington DC

The four-day long Thanksgiving weekend saw me take off to a couple of North Eastern states in the US. While most of the country was busy shopping on Black Friday, wading through the crowded stores for offers and deals on everything from electronics to home furnishings, my friend and her husband were kind enough to have me over at their place at Herndon, Virginia for 3 days, starting the day after Thanksgiving. From over Herndon, they drove me down to Baltimore and DC over the next two days. Here’s a glimpse.

Baltimore, Maryland

Outside Capitol House – Washington, DC

It was a hectic weekend. The days and nights were both tightly scheduled. But in general, I loved the travel, and loved the feeling that left me exhausted at the end of it all.

While I'm on it, I have to mention about a great little town I visited yesterday. Bethlehem, also called as the “Christmas City of USA” is a nice little town in Pennsylvania; about an hour and quarter from where I live. The town is known for its culture rooted back to the 1700s, founded and inhabited by the Moravians. We took a 45 minute bus tour around the city by night. It was a weekday, so we did this after work. Our guide for the night took us through a timeless journey through the city, and explained the way early Moravians worked as missionaries to spread the word about their religion and the celebration that is, Christmas.

We ended the day by having exotic Indian food at a nice restaurant in Bethlehem. I know what you’re thinking, that Indian food can’t be exotic? Trust me, last night, it was!

It seems like it was only hours since I did all this, but it’s Wednesday and I’m already planning for the impending weekend. I’m hoping that will save me from feeling homesick again!


supernova said...

Well, I do need to see more pictures, but nevertheless, it sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :-)

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

i am envious of your travels G3! but glad u r kept busy, so no time at all to start missing home too much = ) will it be one of the many requirements that your future husband to be needs to follow you on your travels or at least comfortable at the thought that u r required to travel quite abit?? = ) i am curious, hv your folks started the search already = ) ?? heheheheh sending u warm hugs, am off into the cold to go to class bbbrrrr

Devil Mood said...

It's nice to see you're having a good time over there and keeping busy seems the best way to avoid home-sickness.
Enjoy every moment because it all passes very quickly.

phish said...

yes, more pictures please. and i am glad you are doing all that travelling with those eyes of yours. absorb everything. and tell us all about it.

Miss Iyer said...


Will send you more soon. Have you started packing yet?


hhahahahhaha. Yeah I guess. One of the many requirement ;) Yup, they've started! AND its freaking me outtttt!!!!!!!


Yep, keeping myself busy is the best thing I can do. Besides, the winter isn't helping much! You are kinda tied up to your home and cant do much :-/ But I am trying my best to keep myself occupied both during the evenings as well as during the weekends. :)


Nice to see you here buddy! :) Will do! Will try and send more pics across. I reckon there's more traveling in my cards for 2008. Will write all about it once I get to know something.

Ramya said...

cuteeeeee gal send the link if pics uploaded :)

Miss Iyer said...

Not uploaded yet honeyyy.. I'm soooooooo looking forward to coming back soon, and when I do, I'll show 'em all to you :)