Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Open Door: A Mature Effort

The Open Door, the music album by rock band Evanescence, released in September 2006 is arguably a very mature effort by the band after their first release Fallen.

A friend of mine, Beta, was good enough to drop the album with me a few weeks ago. Although at first, honestly I was a little disappointed to hear their tracks, listening to this album for the second or third time, really made a positive impression on me.

The Open Door, which is certainly not another Fallen, has more bold lyrics as opposed to the edgy ones in Fallen. “Call me when you’re sober” referred to most people as their most successful single, didn’t sound catchy to me. Lyrically biting with dark music, I didn’t think it would be accessible to a wider audience.

Either ways, I like Lithium and Good Enough a lot. Lithium has very nice piano work and it’s undoubtedly Amy’s best vocal in the album. Sweet Sacrifice reminded me of Haunted from Fallen and Like You was written by Amy Lee in memory of her sister; a rather boring song compared to the rest.

Taken as a whole, although Fallen was a classic, I have to agree that The Open Door is an amazing piece of work by the entire band. With its distinctly dissimilar lyrics and music, it's a great album to listen to.

Rock on Evanescence!!!

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