Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: #54 - In the news

This may not directly relate to Sunday Scribbling, but the prompt for this week is “In the news” and its in perfect timing! ‘Cos I've news, AND its BIG, at least compared to the ones from the recent past.

My sister’s wedding is officially fixed!!! :) and I’m soooo happy for her. As of now, only the engagement date is fixed, and right now I know nothing more than that.

However, I might use this space for more ramblings on wedding preparations and details of the actual wedding. Since this is the first big thingy in our family, I might muse, wonder, ponder, awe, etc etc right here! So for those of you interested in this thread, you may follow the Wedding Bells label. :)


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

dont be shy about bombarding us with tons of pictures G3 = ) hope your sister wont mind you documenting her momentus event! Congrats to her and your entire family! Do we get an invitation also?? heheheh kidding!!

Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

ah congrats - Ramya (I hope I remember the name right)
for those that don't know, G3 and Ramya look identical...

Aditi said...

ahh congratulations!!
my cousin recently got engaged so i am neck deep in wedding prep as well

Oracle said...

Reading between the lines.....

Line clear :)

Pass my congrats to your sis!

dharmabum said...

aiiii jaali jaali...

peee peee...dum dum dum

nextu neenga daana appo? :)

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Iyer,
This is splendid news and naturally, you are very excited. I look forward to reading more.

btw,if you do drop by, you may remember me once as writing a play and you read a bit of it. This time, round my Scibble is on a 2nd blog and not on that one. Didn't want you to get confused. :-)

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Congrats to all! We'll look forward to reading about the unfolding arrangements.

Miss Iyer said...


I hear you loud and clear Mush. :-P I do hope she doesn't mind it 'cos its a nice way of maintaining a record too :)

Will pass on your wishes to her. You will be receiving a personal invite :D Remember I told you in one of my emails that you should visit India during my sister's wedding ..?


Will do CM. You're right, her name is Ramya. And guys, don't trust CM, we don't look identical. Really! I'll start posting some pics to prove it ;)


Oh goodie. I've started getting busy with the wedding preparations already. Phew! Its quite a job! :-/

Miss Iyer said...


LOL! The line was never blocked for me Oracle. I was just following some protocol and allowing her get married first ;) Will pass your wishes to her!



No, next isn't mine. I'm married, divorced and have a two year old. Not planning on getting married again!


No, next isn't mine. I have two more older sisters!



Thanks Susan and thank you for dropping by again. Yep, I realize you've moved out of blogger to wordpress. :)


Thanks! :) Will keep posting.

supernova said...

A huge congratulations to SB!!! :-)

idah said...

Congrats to your sis! and now, i can understand the missing each other part.. trust me, it'll be a whole new different chapter, new but good ones! enjoy the wedding galore and the aching body of the aftermath..hehehe

Inconsequential said...

Now that's proper news :)

Congrats to her.

Devil Mood said...

How nice for her and the family! And for him too, obviously!
Even though the divorce rates are what they are, they can't away the romanticism of a wedding :)

Miss Iyer said...


Yep, she heard 'ya ;)


Yeah, I'm gonna miss her lots. But I guess you're right. I will be eagerly waiting for the whole new chapter! :) And yep, I'm all geared up for the weeding preparations already :D And yep, will pass on your wishes to her!


Thanks, Will pass on your wishes to her :)


U bet! :)

Ramya said...

@ all,

Thanks guyz.. Sure its a big one coming up.

Thank u again for the lovely wishes.


Rims said...

hey thats great news...Congrats to Ramya

Miss Iyer said...

I'll wish her from you Reema :)