Sunday, April 29, 2007


A few random thoughts that occurred to me when the word “wings” came to my mind:

- The wings of change… I should say is quite apt with the way my life is going on right now. And I’m not talking about the minuscule changes or differences in my current lifestyle. These are copious changes both in my personal and as well as professional life. I’ll just leave it at that.

- Soaring to the heavens…What must it feel like to watch our dear earth from up there?

- From high up there I can see small boats bobbing away on the high waves sailing quietly on the far river below.

- To be able to get over the fear of height (yes, I’m scared of heights)

- Wings of freedom…moving out of our home and living by myself in a different city; of a little freedom and a little flight :) Although only for a brief period, but it did let my clipped wings grow and explore the unseen, unheard, and unsought. It’s a wholly different thing that I had to go through some terrible lonely moments, but I guess it was part of the deal!

- Angels!

- I want to take my parents on a vacation someplace outside the country (and actually let them
use their passports before it expires or before I renew it for another useless period).

- I
myself want to visit Rome, Egypt, and Paris (very soon, although I don’t know how soon or haven’t planned anything yet). I’ve read and seen sooo many many things enchanting about those places that my need to visit them is growing deeper and deeper by the day! Perhaps I'll use those wings someday!?! ;)

- This amazing song by

- Chasing butterflies, or rather butterflies chasing me. When I was much younger I was quite scared of butterflies and moths; I was even bitten by a scorpion once, and my little finger grew as big as my big toe and went pink in a matter of seconds. :| Phew! I still am scared of some creepy insects; I hate how unpredictable they can be!

This post is in response to the prompt at Sunday Scribblings. Not my greatest scribble, but I guess this should suffice for now, since I seem to be sharing this illness with CM.

PS: Congratulations to Liani @ SS on her book release!


Liza's Eyeview said...

interesting and wonderful random thoughts on "wings".

Thanks for your visit and for your kind words :)


Deepthi said...

wings u have many so fly and open them for laughter,protect someone under them,leave few feathers of love and embrace your family,friends in them...well written...

Sunday Scribblings said...

Hi! I really enjoyed reading this - lots of bits and pieces put together like patchwork!

I'm answering your question here - we are definitely still trying to create our new website but we are having trouble finding someone who knows how to create an automatic linking-thing for us that will do what we want - who knew it could be so complicated!!


Regina Clare Jane said...

Butterflies are about the only insect that doesn't creep me out!
A lovely composite of thoughts about wings... :)

Aditi said...

hmm .. beautiful...a single word can be interpreted n so many different ways..

Devil Mood said...

Word association - that's good, allows us to be very creative and to link our thoughts with our inner logic.

Oh bitten by a scorpion, that must be scary! I've only been biten by scorpio(n)s metaphorically. ;)

Bongga Mom said...

I love your list -- what a great way to interpret this week's prompt!

Patois said...

I, too, enjoyed your different takes on the prompt. I like where the prompt sent you "flying" in different directions.

Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

hehe... finally I seem to have got into your blog :)... I mean the posting part...

I am still fighting my block... hope you get over yours soon :) god bless you!!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

W - wonderful writer
I - Ingenious Indian = )
N - Nice & Naughty
G - Gorgeous G3
S - Sweet, strong & scatter brain?

Hi G3, couldnt think of a comment actually, i started typing and came up with the above = ) Hope you have had a good weekend! The sun burnt me till my bones! argh! I spent 5 months getting fairer and wham! one day on the bicycle in the sun, i am back to square one! = (

idah said...

wings and angels... i like your post on this one... take care and have a nice week ahead G3!

dharmabum said...

thoughts are my wings.

and heaven is here and now :)

am reminded of the song 'learning to fly' by pink floyd.

Rims said...

This is pretty good...inspite of ur illness u seem to be writing pretty well...:-D Well I read it somewhere that Writers block is a side effect of boredom :-P

Miss Iyer said...


Thanks! :)


Wow! You're good at this. You should scribble too :)


Thanks for the update, I'll keep looking if someone could help you on this.


You too? :) Thanks there for visiting!


Yep, it sure can. The reason why I try and sunday scribble as often as I can.

Miss Iyer said...


Yep. :) Yeah was bitten when I was 3 (or was it 4), but wasn't all that scary then, I didn't even know what bit me then. But thinking about it now, it is quite scary!

LOL, bitten by scorpio's? haha, they are interesting and intellectual people. I have a few interesting scorpion friends myself! :)


Thanks! :)


Thanks again, and thank you for stopping by!


Thanks CM. God bless you too!

Miss Iyer said...


"wonderful writer"? I cant believe you. That was by far my worst post :-P You should be glad you're so far away, or people would have come looking for you, for you-know-what. ;)

But this is such a sweet list Mush, Thanks tonnes :)

Yes I had a good weekend, I hope you had a good one too. You got sunburnt?? haha. But why bother, you have this nice combination-complexion of coffee mixed with loads of fresh cream! :)


Thanks Idah, you too have a great weekend.




Really? Thank God I'm improving huh?
Oh yeah? s it really a side effect of boredom? Darn it! Then I'm gonna take extra efforts to get over it soon :-/