Saturday, May 05, 2007

Colour me saffron, or whatever else

While some people are still trying to figure this out, and while some others are praying hard that Peter Parker of the all-time Spidey fame doesn’t get killed in Spiderman – 3 (Oh grow up will 'ya. How else will they make millions of more dollars if they don't make SM-4 and SM-5?), here are the waves of water-colours that have been happening with me…

- Three Mondays back, on a hot sultry afternoon, after seven and a half hours of standing in many different queues and open grounds, waiting diligently for my turn on the test drive, I got my driver’s license at 4:30 in the evening. So, Yaay!!!

- Started reading and then discontinued a book called “The Seven Minutes” by Irving Wallace. I didn’t think it was even worth retaining that book and paying that extra money to the library! :-/ No really, I was waiting and waiting and waiting endlessly for it to catch on some speed, in vain! I rather liked “The Seventh Secret” by the same author. A fantastic read I should say; read it about 4 or 5 years back and wouldn’t mind reading it again, but my library doesn’t seem to have it (*sniff*) maybe because of the controversial nature of the plot; but they’ve stacked loads of hard-bound and paperback versions of The Da Vinci Code all the same!

- I’m also reading “Shock” by
Robin Cook and it isn’t any different from an earlier read “Brain”. I’m hoping this would have a credible storyline.

- Recovered from a migraine that lasted 40 hours, one sleepless night, and a whole day of internal audit meetings and all things relating to the assessment. Get what I’m saying? It was a miracle I didn’t throw things at the auditors. :D. But clearly, I'd been rude to someone, 'cos he oh-so-sweetly sent me this!

- Watched
Rang De Basanti again!!! :) One of the very very few Hindi movies that I watched not only in the theatre but also watched it again at home! :)

And oh, the song I picked for this week may not be as chirpy as schnappi, but will guarantee to bring a smile to your lips. Thank God for friends! :)

No one could ever know me, no one could ever see me.
Seems like you're the only one who knows what it's like to be me.
Someone to face the day with, make it through all the rest with,
Someone I'll always laugh with, even at my worst, I'm best with you.

It's like you're always stuck in second gear,
Well, it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.
But I'll be there for you

PS: But really, how can a superhero (a cute one at that) die? :-/ Please tell me he’s not gonna die! :-P

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Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

You got all your information wrong dahling :D... the speculation is all about if Harry Potter is to die in the 7th installment of the book... not spidey...

Spidey created by Stan Lee, has currently turned 73 (as far as comics age goes), but is officially still mid twenties (has been for the past 70 years; if you are wondering why not past 73 years... well before he was officially fast tracked by DC comics to mid twenties, he was a teenager for 3 years...

Coming back to the point... Spiderman doesn't die for many more installments; only his nemesis that keeps disappearing, and reappearing to be stronger, only to be bested by spidey again... good old spidey saves the day... and we all can go...

Spiderman, Spiderman Friendly neighborhood, Spiderman
Wealth and fame, he ignores Action is his reward
Look out, here comes the Spiderman

Spiderman, Spiderman Friendly neighborhood, Spiderman
Wealth and fame, he ignores Action is his reward
To him, life's a great big bang up Whenever there's a hang up
You'll find the Spiderman!

Of course, what happens to cute Harry Potter only mid July can reveal... keep your fingers crossed

Devil Mood said...

Does he have a 7 fetish or something? It's all sevenish with him ;)
Congratulations on your driver's license :) If I had to wait so long, I'd have a nervous breakdown before the examination.

Aditi said...

yea i dont think i am ever afraid of spidey dying.. just spidey being spidey and of course the effects are cool
thank god the migraine is better

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

well well good on ya G3! Big hugs and a huge congrats for getting that driving license! Perhaps now u can go on an adventure, cross continential driving right into Europe! I'll be waiting with open arms heheheh! I hv to go cold turkey this time for SM3, so i have to wait patiently (almost an impossible thing for me to do when it comes to my superheroes) for the dvd!!! aaarrgghhh = ( Cool entry i thought and i was humming that song the whole evening too = )

Rims said...

CONGRATS on getting ur license to drive...:-D
Yup RDB is an amazing movie - with great looking hunks ;-)(excluding AK for sure!)

Deepthi said...

hmm the internal audit i can imagine from the other sude..I am an auditor myself lol and tang de basanti anyday for me too girl.....

idah said...

G3, Spidey didnt die..... But, someone did and it was expected, i guess,... catch the movie, its worth it! :D

supernova said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you've finally gotten it!

Watched the movie ystrdy... Nope, he doesn't die... Watch the movie if you can, it's quite entertaining! :-)

RDB, what can I say!?! :-D

idah said...

by the way, congrats on your driving license, let's hope mine will be soon... :D now that i am a professional BUM, i can concentrate on my driving and french...

Miss Iyer said...


Phew! Well, what can I say. I cant care less about Spidey, as long as I get to see more of Tobey Maguire in big screen. :D


7 fetish! LOL I didn't notice it until you brought it up :)

Thanks. Me too, but I had my sis waiting up with me, soo I pretty much had someone's head to chew on :D


Yep, gonna go watch it :)

Miss Iyer said...


Thank you, thank you! Cross-continental adventure in my car? I'm driving 19 kms to and from work everyday :-/ I'd rather fly down, don't you think? :D Wait up wait up, I'll give you reviews of the movie if I catch it before you do :)


Thanks! :)
AK is not great looking? :| Boo-hoo-hoo


Ur an auditor urself? Darn it, and I actually said that I'd have thrown things at you guys? :-/ Phew! That was close :P


Yip yip yip yip yipppiiie :D Now there's a reason to go watch it :)

Thanks and good luck with urs :)


Finally? I never tried in the first place :D Yep I will watch it.

Endevourme said...

hey i saw 'wings' on nirmala's - any connection?

Maami Talks said...

What Spiderman! Spiderman!! Ms Iyer .... He is vonly a fictionull character in movies ... avan illam nammallukku vendam ..... you will get a better mappilai here who can wash you cloths, clean vessels and cook, take you out for shopping, spend all his fortune just to see you smile! ...... Now isnt that a sooooper man!

Yours Lovingly