Thursday, May 24, 2007

Remember… the summer?

I’m tagged! I don’t take up all meme’s, only the ones I like or only the ones that are a little challenging. This one falls under the latter category because I absolutely hate the summer. Soo, its quite a challenge for me to come up with a list. Wow! The excuses I come up with, I cant believe them myself :-P

Anyhow, here’s an attempt:

  1. Watermelon juices (has to top the list)

  2. Summer holidays, which I wish were on for the rest of our lives; especially for the Carrom tournaments, Monopoly, beach trips on weekdays (this used to be fun), visiting our gramms at the village, running across the fields, eating ripe tamarind and getting a tummy ache. Given a chance I’d re-live those moments all over again.

  3. Warm lazy nights, cloudless starry sky, lying on the overhead water tank, listening to Roxette! Errrr…Have I mentioned this before? :D

  4. Loooooooooooooong showers, sometimes even thrice a day. I’d rather just stay in the shower for as long as I can!

  5. Iced tea!

  6. Mango milk, mango juice, mango pickle… actually all things mango. This season the mango yield was substantially low here. But thanks to Auntie M who brought us a box full of ripe mangoes from Hyderabad.

  7. Train journeys. We used to wait endlessly, for these were a boon during the summer when we get to visit our gramms.

  8. Sorry, I tried real hard; just couldn’t come up with 1 more thing I love about summer!

To be perfectly candid, I’m sure this tag was started by someone from a more wintry part of the world. How else can you justify this tag?

Now that we’re on it, I think I’d like to list a few things I loathe/loathed about summer too. Hee hee.

  1. The most obvious point? The heat itself!

  2. Bus rides. I hate them, cos the inside of the bus has this strong odour of a combination of sweat and urine of at least 50 different people. And when I get out, I’m sweaty and stinky too. Yuckkk!

  3. The traffic and the unmanageable temper of the commuters. I’ve noticed that this is more during the summer than during other seasons.

  4. Waiting for exam results. I absolutely hated this!

  5. Headaches. It would frequent during the summer. :-/
Now that was easy!

Whom should I tag? Anyone who would like to take it. Also, if you want to list things you dislike about summer instead of the things you like, go ahead and do it. :)


mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

i can very much relate to your second list = ) I absolutely loath summer, now i hv to brave it again real soon! Hope u r keeping well G3! Will talk soon, hugs for now.

Its Me The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari said...
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Its Me The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari said...

about the summer, i don't have this much big list and all..all that i have is only one wish...that is all the companies should offer summer holidays to their we had in our college and school days...that will do? isn't it? :P

note: only one month is enough...if they wish they can make it as two problem. but as a paid one... :D

Devil Mood said...

lol I don't want to be negative, but there are many things I don't like about the summer too. I just get sooooo lazy, I can't move, I can't do anything properly, I get headaches too sometimes, I think it's the excess of light.
But there are some things I like too. And the ones you described were just perfect!

Deepthi said...

hey u took up my tag :) and i love the pic man how does one make that and drink that....howz u doing and if u ahve an email id let me knw soon....

dharmabum said...

3 showers, long ones that too - can be a lot of water down the train, especially if u happen to live in a town in madras.

and hate - didn't someone say its a strong word?

jeez. think i'm becoming waaaaay too serious ni life :P

dharmabum said...

typo. :)

Krishna Kumar said...

Hey g3,
nice to read abt ur summer adventures :)

things I like about summer are

1)Swimming pools - u can splash in the water as much as u want during the summer :-) make some nice veg salads and a nice fresh juice (watermelon !)...the idea to swim and splash till the muscles ache :) and then hv a sip of watermelon juice and bite the salad and Go for splashing again :)

2)Night walk at the beaches - it becomes hot in the mornings(even early in the morning). so a relaxed walk at about 10Pm at the beach is kewl and nice way to unwind the day :)

3)Cool cottons - though we wear cottons throughout the year in chennai , ive noticed that the shops go on a selling spree for the cotton wear during summer...its a pity that for office we need to be dressed in formals (even during summer)...

4) Cricket,Cricket,Cricket !!! - thats one game which unites Indians ! ..say this word and every indian jumps to an ardent fan of cricket and an amateur cricketer, we always look forward to summer ...We beat the heat with a bat and a ball :-) reminded of those endless games ,joy and laughter and spirit displayed as we play the game ...gone are those days and those freinds ... :(

5) Books and indoor games...summer is the time where we were forced to remain indoors during the peak hour (12-3 pm) ..books and indoor games are damn gud fun before cricket ! :)

Things i didnt like about summer

1)Frequent power cuts. Shux. who wud want this in summer? the heat, the sweat ...yuck...

2)Water scarcity in chennai.G3, how i wish i cud have had three showers in a day in those water scarce days???? thanks to the monsoons tehse days, water is available 24 hrs !

Things I Wish happened during summer

1)Someone said about having "companies declaring summer holidays like school" a brilliant thought :) How I Wish??? :(

2)cottons to office during summer... Cottons to be made formals during summer

Keep your thoughts flowing :)

supernova said...

Kindred spirits, G3... I hate summer just as vehemently!

Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

come back to bangalore :)

idah said...

G3... hahahha, ok, i was really laughing reading this one, yes, summer can be a pain at times, hmm.. but, you're right in some ways, summer are for those with long winters, we folks here in Singapore, its thunderstorms and warm sun!!! i love them both.. :))

Oracle said...

One thing that I dont miss about Chennai is the summer!

Miss Iyer said...

hee hee. I'm not the only one that dis-likes the summer after all. :D


I'm well, hope you are too. Hugss


Wow paid summer hols, what fun! :) Btw, do I know you?


Not being a fan of the summer season is not being negative, believe me ;)


Yep, I did it! I have no idea how to make one. If I ever find out, I'll surely let you knw :) I'm doing good thanks, u? Of course I have an email address, don't all of us? its which has also been sitting right at the bottom of my webpage.


Come on, think light! :)

Miss Iyer said...


Wow, that's one long and quick comment :) Nice list you've come up with!


I know! :)


Really? Is the weather getting any better there? I heard it was getting worse each year :-/


U bet! :)


Yeah? What exactly are you missing about Chennai then?

Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

well, it is true, that bangalore keeps getting bad with every passing year... but, you don't hear me complaining of summer do you ;) :D :P

Its Me The Monk said...

no miss! you may not known me...but what if? we can come to know each other from now at this point..Hi Miss Iyer!am the monk! now its your turn... :)

Keshi said...

wow beautiful blog!


--Sunrise-- said...

Hate the summer??!! Noooo!! :P I am really, REALLY looking forward to summer... but then again, I am from a 'wintry part' of the world (if you can call it that!)... so I guess I could be excused... also, I get annoyed with the sun in South India. :)

Miss Iyer said...


:-O That's a blatant lie. You complain of Bangalore's summer every single day (I vividly remember you did that last year at least)


And I'm Miss I ;)


Thanks Keshi.


You get annoyed with the summer in South India? lol, I don't blame you. So which part of the world do you belong to?