Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Movies & more movies, and some Classics!

I saw Notting Hill last evening; AGAIN!!! :) After I finished watching that movie, I was wondering that there are few movies that I’ve really enjoyed watching in the last 20 something years.

Here’s my attempt at trying to recall a few (Please Note: This is not listed in the order of how entertaining it was):


  1. Notting Hill

  2. Sea Biscuit

  3. Sense and Sensibility

  4. American Pie (all 3)

  5. A Beautiful Mind

  6. Erin Brockovich

  7. Gladiator

  8. Gone with the wind (I’m yet to watch it, but I’m damn sure I’ll like it)

  9. Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom)

  10. Joe’s Apartment

  11. Million Dollar Baby

  12. Pride and Prejudice

  13. Top Gun (A die-hard fan of Tom Cruise, I can watch this movie any number of times <grin>)

  1. Mulan

  2. Finding Nemo

  3. Ice Age

  4. Shrek

Regional (restricted to Tamil and Hindi)
  1. Split Wide Open

  2. Iqbal

  3. Kadhal

  4. Rang De Basanti

  5. Dil Chahta Hai

  6. Michael Madhana Kaama Rajan

  7. Kalyug

  8. Aaradhana

  9. Naayagan

  10. Kaaka Kaaka

  11. Kannathil Mutham Ittal

  12. And a lot lot more that I can’t remember...


dharmabum said...


watch GWTW...

it is the worstest form of physical and mental torture u can aubject any unsuspecting movie watcher to.

my grandad always told me it was a lousy book - even though it was the first book granny gave him *grin* and yet, i didn't listen to him and tried the movie. ayyo!

PS: am surprised not to find the matrix (not the trilogy!) - imho there never has, and never wil be a movie if such quality :)

Miss Iyer said...


Yeah? oh! No one ever told me that about either the movie or the book.

Alrite, I'll heed ur advice.

About matrix; not jus that movie, but moments after I wrote that post, I realised I had actually missed a lot of other good ones. But jus didnt bother to write them back there. :)

dharmabum said...

hello iyer ponnu -

matrix isn't just another movie.

no no no!!!

grave offense :))

supernova said...

No Lagaan? I half expected to see many more Aamir movies listed! Oh wait, I think you haven't watched Lagaan yet, right?

What about all the movies we, "the gang", saw together? :-D I agree there were some pretty bad ones in that list, but at least for the fun time we had?!? (Think "Gothika"!)

Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

You are a die hard Antonio Banderas fan... how come no movies of his are listed??

Miss Iyer said...


Iyer ponnu??


No Lagaan, cos I havent seen it! And Gothika, yes, I would categorize it at a different level. Although it isnt a movie I would watch once again, it sure was fun at the movie hall! :)

Miss Iyer said...


Right!!! How could I miss his movies :-D.

I liked Take the Lead; cant think of any good movies of his that I saw. He's utterly handsome (no doubt about it), but sadly, his movies arent that striking... :-/

dharmabum said...

tamilicised version of 'miss iyer', i suppose. don't like it? if its got to be in tamil, what shud it be then - maami? :)

Miss Iyer said...


Ahem! I asked you to explain "ponnu" cos I have a friend that constantly calls me that despite my efforts at stopping it!

About the tamilised version, I think, Miss I/Miss Iyer works just fine, dont you think? ;)

dharmabum said...

awrite miss i, if miss i is what u prefer, miss i is what u will be.

"G-I-R-L girl, girl na ponnu..."
heard that song?