Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wedding Bells!!!

My friend Beta wedded Pavethra last Friday, the 29th of December. The wedding took place at Nagercoil. Beta was right about the warning on how the actual wedding will be. He said that it will be a circus and he will be the clown, well, I can’t say that I was disappointed. Circus it was! Yes, there was a band, and two funny looking dwarf men dancing around the band with colorful ribbons tied to their hands; and lo, behind the band, gallantly walked the groom with a blue suit and a huge white garland.

Pavethra was clad in a cream coloured saree and the church wedding was all of 20 mins! From Chennai, six of us attended his wedding which included, Deepu, Suzy, Arvind, Prasita, Smrithi, and myself.

Apart from us, there were nine of Beta’s other friends who are all part of his aquarium hobbyists community. Beta and some other aquarium hobbyists run a community called It is an open forum for all aquarium hobbyists. Feel free to visit it if you’re another one of those fish/sea creature fan!

After the wedding, Arvind, Prasita, and myself joined the nine of them to venture out into the tiny town. Purpose? To collect sea creatures, coral, et al, what else can it be? But since they could'nt find anything, we finally found ourselves on the sands of a sparkling beach at 4:00 in the afternoon getting roasted under the sun like retards!!

All in all, it was a great trip.

Will try get hold of some pictures of the couple and the wedding, and post them in my next post.


dharmabum said...

nagercoil? did u see the lake nanguneri on your way? its beautiful, with an even more beautiful temple attached to it.

good to know u had a great time. weddings aren't exactly my cup of tea and in the last few years, i've consciously missed about half a dozen weddings of very close friends, much to their anger and frustration:)

i love sea creatures. any creatures actually, i think any day, they make better companions than human beings ;o) btu aquariums - again, i don't fancy them too much coz i feel bad putting creature living in the vast wide sea into lil pots and tanks and confining them.

Miss Iyer said...

Yep, I think I did see the lake on my way, but we didnt stop by.

About the aquariums, you sure will have a different idea about the fishes being confined in tanks if you see how they get treated with these people. These hobbyists are pretty serious with their work; in fact you'll want to be one of them fishes if you saw the royal treatment they get!! :)

dharmabum said...

hmmm interesting.
maybe i'll get to see them thru u someday?

also, since u're from chennai and since its supposed to be the season now, would u know how i cud get to one of the turtle walk groups - wanna go on one of those conservation walks myself.

Miss Iyer said...

Of course, I'd be glad to.

About the turtle walk, I know a friend (a conservationist/environmentalist/call-her-what-you-may) who has done this before, and she will be on the turtle walk this season too. I'll try and find out more information and let you know soon.

Miss Iyer said...


Here's the email ID of nature quest:

You could sign-up there and they'll send you notifiers on upcoming events/news.

My friend says they are mainly about awareness, but they also let you knw what they are doing.

I'm thinking this would be a start for you.

Happy turtle walking! :)

allen said...

Ahem! If i'm not too far off the mark, the conservationist/environmentalist/call-her-what-you-may person you are talkin about is my wife!! Where on earth did you get the crazy idea she's gonna be turtle walking anytime soon; forget this season...I'd say someone's gonna be lookin sheepish this evening!

And happy turtle walking dharma... truly nothing like it if you're really interested in this kind of thing.

Miss Iyer said...

Yeah Allen, right, no one gave me the idea she will be, but I just assumed 'cos she showed way too much interest.

Either ways, I think Dharma has enough info now, to do what he pleases to :)