Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: #51 - Inspiration

Was down with fever these past few days and all that hype about shopping over the weekend, eventually ended with a lot of sleeping and taking medicines! :-/

Anyway, I guess I’m a little late for this week’s prompt at Sunday Scribblings, but not too late, I’m almost there!

This week’s prompt was Inspiration; what inspires me, what doesn’t, et al. I didn’t spend too much time thinking over this one and therefore just about listed a few things that came to my mind right now.

  • Lying on my back on the terrace watching the stars on a still cloudless night (away from mobile phones)

  • Interesting sign-boards

  • Interesting advertisements on TV :D

  • Personalized mail (not the email kind, the one that arrives through post; and does not include my bank or credit card statements either)

  • Music (absolutely any kind)

  • Hot tea and homemade bajji’s on a cold rainy afternoon :)

  • Tax refunds (I’ve got this only once in the past, but wouldn’t mind receiving more often. :-P)

  • Strawberry milk

  • Friends

  • Nature photography

  • Travel; anywhere

  • Major inspiration to write? YOU guys!!! :)

There's more, but this is all I can think of right now.
Click here, for more inspirations.


dharmabum said...

no offense, miss iyer, but methinks u r quite funny. especially the inspiration from bajji bit ;o)

i like mails too, though i've stopped writing any, except the occasional one to my mother. wanna write? i promise i'll reply :)

Big B said...

BTW was in Bangalore this weekend for the Maiden concert..rocked!
Met Bobby too :)

Devil Mood said...

hehehe tax refunds, that was good :)
What are bajji like? Sweet? :)
Hope you're feeling better now!

Deepthi said...

i am waitin for my tax refunds...and yes bajji with filter coffee is my fav any day...

supernova said...

You were ill?!? Oh oh... Hope you're okay now!

Your list is nice, frills... Especially, strawberry milk! Yummy!

Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

are you doing better?? take care babe

Endevourme said...

first time here!
sunday specials are a new thing to me never saw before...will keep visiting :D!!

Aditi said...

mails are nice.. but i have stopped expecting them particularly since i am too lazy to write them

idah said...

hi, hope you're feeling better now... one thing caught my eye, tax refunds! one inspiration many would agree with you!

take care, drink lots of water, fruits, in other words, eat not not nice healthy diet for awhile.. heheheh

Miss Iyer said...


Offense? lol. You dont believe the inspiration from bajji bit?

Want to know what kinda inspiration I drive out of bajji's? The thought of bajji's gets me out of bed on those slow wet afternoons and makes me tell mum "ma, I'll go out and fetch your groceries today." And of course will end up buying all the ingredients to make bajjis' :D

Aint I sly? ;)

O'coruse, wirte to me. write to me :D but dont expect replies, I'm waaay too lazy for that :D


You were? Nice. Sure you wouldda enjoyed the concert.


Tax refunds [Grin!]
Bajji's are hot and spicy and are deep fried in oil. A typical south Indian Sunday afternoon snack.

Yes, I'm feeling much better now, thank you :)

Miss Iyer said...


Hope you receive your tax refunds soon!


Yeah, I was. And I dont have to tell you how I'm keeping now, do I? :)

Strawberry milk was one of my fav's while in Bangalore, used to love that drik from the Nature Fresh juice shop. Would guarantee to bring me back from my moods any time of the day.


You sound like the concerned ol' uncle again! :)
I'm keeping well now cm, except for my throat which feels like its being rubbed against sand paper all day :| with the a/c killing me each hour.

Miss Iyer said...


Thanks for dropping by. Sunday Scribblings isnt a new concept. In fact it has been around for a year now. I started writing for them only two weeks ago.

Do keep visiting often, just as you promised :)


Join the club. I love to receive them, but cant care enough to answer ;)


Yep, I'm feeling much much better now, thanks!
Yep, I'll take your advice, although it isnt very different from my mother's advice (you sound mum and all) ;)