Friday, November 10, 2006

Windows Vista

Almost five years after the release of Windows XP, Microsoft has finally announced the release date of the subsequent version of Windows. Windows Vista will be available to consumers starting January 30, 2007.

The next generation operating system will encompass features such as desktop search, Flip 3D; where you can navigate through open windows using the scroll wheel in your mouse, a new Vista Document Explorer with improved features, an enhanced speech recognition software that enables you to dictate into it and it automatically fills out documents and email forms using voice commands; AND smart enough to adapt into your speaking style and vocabulary.

It also includes Internet Explorer 7 with tabbed browsing much like our good ol’ Mozilla Firefox (looks like they’ve improved the user-experience here). I’m not too much an IE person, what with all the extremely useless service packs that it needs, I detest working on that browser. Believe me, I still don’t know what those service packs are for!

Getting back to Vista, check out more on the experience here:

Overall, on first look, I can see a lot of ‘Mac’ from the look & feel perspective in Windows Vista. With all the jazz, let’s hope Vista doesn’t crash as often as Windows 98 did!


supernova said...

Sounds cool!

Miss Iyer said...

You should look at the pictures. A LOT like Mac OS X.